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In a world of low oil prices, ageing assets and tougher operating conditions, efficiency is the key to protecting profits


VCAM Pro is a Navisworks based application that uses high quality information from a 3D model as the foundation for work flow processes, and the gateway to a project database. Our technology helps to reduce the costs of operating and maintaining existing assets by ensuring information integrity and significantly reducing your administrative overhead.

VCAM PRO is designed for use on revamp or greenfield, onshore, offshore, upstream & downstream projects. It can be used on any process plant or marine model and across a diverse range of industries:


  • Offshore
  • Subsea
  • Refineries
  • Power Generation
  • Pipelines
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Nuclear

VCAM PRO is a tool kit for managing information and processes consisting of a database linked to a 3D model. It can be used during all stages of a project life cycle including:


  • Construction
  • Hook Ups
  • Commissioning
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Turnarounds
  • Integrity Management


Manage Operations & Maintenance Processes

VCAM PRO connects a 3D model and its attributes to a project database which is enriched through user defined tags and properties. It provides the tools to manage information from multiple sources through a visual interface, and enables operations and maintenance teams with quick access to reliable and verified information and project documentation. This is achieved using tags and properties that are easily created and fully customisable to suit the workflow processes being undertaken. The system provides the capability for structured processes that increase efficiency and the consistency of captured data. VCAM PRO ensures the project team is working with reliable and up-to-date information on which to base their decisions, and provides the means to monitor and track progress for almost any O&M process.

Create an asset register for all equipment, lines, pipe supports, valves, and instrumentation. Also include all electrical cabinets, LV panels, lighting & safety equipment. Obtain fast access to reliable data through the VCAM PRO Information Manager.

VCAM PRO provides a central source of information that reduces admin hours by eliminating paper based processes. Integrity is improved by using verified information from the 3D design model to populate tags & check sheets. Efficient data collection is achieved through intrinsically safe handheld devices.

VCAM is designed to capture information from the field using Windows based intrinsically safe tablets. Data is captured direct into tags that contain a mixture of validated attributes from the design model and user defined properties. Errors and omissions during data collection is minimised by having a structured process and consistency is improved using validated drop down lists. Bar codes and RFID can be used to aid the data collection process.


All documents are in the project library or DMS are linked to the model where they can be quickly found through point & click and reviewed in context with their surroundings.

VCAM PRO provides the tools for identifying all bolted joints through the model into an integrity database. Tags & properties are applied to each bolted connection to ensure a structured, consistent and complaint check-list process. Information is captured from the field on intrinsically safe hand held devices. Progress is monitored through the Information Manager where any information can be edited or updated, or reported using colour coded status.

Use VCAM to capture non-destructive testing results direct into database tags. The system runs on intrinsically safe hand held ‘tablets’ to provide information where its needed, and eliminate paper based data collection. Inspection and corrosion analysis & documentation is linked to the model so it can be reviewed in context. Analysis of the results can be shown through colour coded views.

Most operations & maintenance processes will be driven by work packs. VCAM PRO allows you to identify the ‘scope’ of the work packs in the model so they can be visualised and understood in context with their surroundings.

Create material reports for any line or spool direct from VCAM and track their location status from fabrication through to installation. Generate equipment, valve or instrumentation lists for the entire plant or by zone. Generate reports or send to Excel for further processing.

Use VCAM to keep track of the information and documentation associated with welded joints. Create a weld register to better manage thousands of welds, and record corrosion status and inspection dates. Link inspection results, records and certification documents to individual welds so when they are recalled there is confidence the information being reviewed is up-to-date. Search, find and zoom to individual welds and use the Information Manager to drive other processes such as NDT testing.

Raise technical queries or work orders from the field or office using tags linked to the model so the issue can be reviewed in context and better understood by all concerned.

Use VCAM tags and properties for a consistent punch listing workflow that can be better managed. Validated lists ensure each operative follows a pre-defined procedure that ensures consistency, meets compliance standards, and enables progress reporting.

Manage leak or hydro testing of installed spools using reliable information from the model. Create and link user defined tags & properties to record compliance and ensure a structured procedure is adhered to. Identify the system and sub-systems prior to going into the field to plan around any logistics issues. Create management reports and view status through the model using colour codes.