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If you’d like to use VCAM Professional on a project that’s already in progress and need to hit the floor running, then our kick-start service is just for you. Our knowledge of the software and oil & gas industry processes means we can deliver great efficiency and an excellent return on investment. When we set up your VCAM project your staff will become productive in the minimum time and with the minimum training.

Our service includes preparing your models so they are ready to be for operations and maintenance processes. We will take care of the document linking set-up so all you need to do is drag drop new documents onto the model as they become available. We will predefine the tags and properties for your operations and maintenance tasks and link them to the relevant parts of your model so they can be managed from the VCAM-PRO Information Manager. Processes for importing your Excel information will be set up to automate your workflows, and colour coded reports for monitoring work flow progress will be defined and ready for you to use. All this is backed up with our Kick Start Training to get your project productive as quickly as possible.


Our Turn-key service is for fully completed projects that are set up and configured with all your project information, documents and drawings linked to your model and accessible through the VCAM Information Manger. When you take delivery all you need to do is switch on VCAM-PRO and start using the project.

This service is targeted towards scan-to as-built projects where the objective is for operations and maintenance handover. Rather than trying to do the job internally and going through the overhead of training and starting from scratch, why not contract us to do the job for you? We will complete the job much faster and to a higher quality than you can do yourself and at a fraction of the cost. The service is backed up with our Turn-Key Training which offers shortened training courses for you and your client.


  • 3D CAD modelling of process plant in various CAD systems
  • Production of 3D CAD models from 2D Isometrics & GA’s
  • Conversion of Isometrics in PDF format into CAD drawings
  • Conversion of P&ID’s in PDF format into CAD drawings
  • Creation of 3D models from 2D isometrics
  • 3D modelling from vendor drawings or skids


We provide the training courses you need to successfully implement VCAM on your project. Training courses are short since the software is easy to use, and although the basic VCAM skills are always taught, each course will be tailored for your project and your users.


  • VCAM PRO. This two day training course will equip you with everything you need to be self-sufficient. The training covers how best to set up a project, and how to manage the models, external properties and documents that will be linked to it.
  • SITE USER. These one day courses are delivered once a project has been set-up and is ready for use in operations. By the end of the training users will have the confidence to start VCAM, navigate the models, know how to access the relevant documents & drawings and understand how progress, QA and maintenance information is captured into VCAM tags.
  • KICK START. When we provide kick-start consulting services the project will be in good shape for a fast implementation with the majority of the system set up and ready to go. A single days training should be more than sufficient with an optional single day course for power users.
  • TURN-KEY. After we have delivered your project fully configured with all the available information & documentation linked to VCAM, we will train your staff on how to use the digital O&M system. Training courses are from one to two days depending upon the size and complexity of the project and are suitable for the Operations & Maintenance team.