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Advanced functions for oil & gas processes


Document Access

VCAM PRO provides document management and near instant document retrieval through the model allowing documents to be reviewed in context with their surroundings.

Information Manager

VCAMs Information Manager provides quick access to operations & maintenance information and an oversight of all processes and work packs.

Integrity Analysis

Verified information from the model is augmented with database tags & properties from VCAM PRO. Any combination of data can be reported or presented in colour coded views.

Tags & Properties

Enrich your 3D model with additional information to create an integrity database and support operations & maintenance processes.

VCAM PRO Document Functions

Intuitive document access

Documents are linked to the objects in the model to which they refer to. When an object of interest is selected all documents for the various disciplines will pop-up in a menu so they are on hand if needed. VCAMs point & click access to document retrieval truly ensures the right information is available in the right place at the right time.

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Find model objects from documents

VCAM provides all the search functionality when working with documents you’d expect, but goes a step further by allowing you to find in the model the items you see on a document. This has many practical applications such as finding the objects shown on an isometric, or seeing where the equipment and lines shown on a P&ID are in context with the platform or plant.

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Sort documents into categories

Oil & gas projects have a lot of supporting documentation and its commonplace for the file names to differ from the document titles, making it difficult to find the right document in a timely manner. VCAM PRO applies user defined categorisation to the documents which helps with drill down searches and enables quick access to the document required.

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Link to Document Management Systems

VCAM includes fully functional document management capabilities with mapping across networks to central document repositories. Where companies have an existing DMS system in place such as SharePoint we will bypass our own DMS and link direct to the document source through bespoke integration.

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VCAM PRO Tags & Properties

Create tags for any O&M process

Use VCAMs tags & properties to create asset registers, work packs, work order & technical queries, and to create check lists for punch listing, bolted joint management, leak testing, commissioning, and non destructive testing. Tags contain a mix of verified information from the design model, and user defined properties such as dates, validated lists, text, and sequential numbers. Tags have a dual purpose of providing accurate & verified information where its needed, and for capturing structured information from the field allowing progress to be reported and monitored.

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Tags for individual objects or defined groups

VCAM provides total flexibility when creating and linking user defined tags to 3D model objects. External Properties are used for individual objects such as valves, equipment, and instruments etc., or for generating material lists. Linked Properties can be used for line lists, equipment registers, work-packs, or for when the physical item is constructed from many parts. Both types of tags tags are saved to the database and can be reviewed and modified through the Information Manger or direct from the model.

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Add attributes when they don't exist in the model

Whilst most design models contain robust information that can be relied on, some models contain poor or inconsistent data, and others such as Scan-To-As Built models contain no attributes at all. VCAM tags and properties can be used to add attributes where they are missing or incomplete, or to convert ‘dumb’ geometrically accurate models into a highly intelligent resource. This is done by manually selecting multiple objects on screen, or by using a ‘window’ to create a selection set. A linked tag is then attached to the objects and becomes a single entry in the database and accessible through the Information Manager.

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Import from spreadsheets

Typically, a lot of project information exists in Excel sheets that can be imported directly into VCAM PRO as csv files. If the Excel column headings are unrecognised by the system, VCAM will create a new tag type, convert the headings into database properties and populate them with the cell values. Each row in the spreadsheet becomes a tag and is linked to the correct model object. If VCAM recognises the Excel column headings, it will match them to an existing tag and update the values. Our functional simplicity means that almost anyone on the project can create database information that is linked to the model.

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VCAM PRO Information Manager

Information Manager

The VCAM Information Manager is used by operations & maintenance people to access project information through an intuitive user interface. For example:

  • Line List
  • Equipment Lists
  • Instrumentation Lists
  • Valve Schedules
  • Work Packs
  • Maintenance Schedules

Any O&M workflow tag can be reviewed and found in the model using Zoom-To

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Manage information efficiently

Operations & maintenance processes rely on and are driven by information. VCAMs Information Manager provides a simplified overview of the available database information where it can be reviewed or updated.

Changes to tags can be made individually or in batch. All database information can be filtered by any or a a selection of properties.

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Interactive Line List

VCAM provides you with a Line List overview of your plant together with key information such as size, spec class, from / to etc., plus the P&ID, ISO, and GA documents they appear on. Users can quickly find the location of the line using Zoom-To to review it in context with its surroundings. The result is better decision making because operators can quickly understand what, if any, logistical issues need to be considered for maintenance and operations tasks.

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Manage Work Packs better

Our Information Manager allows you to visualise the scope and content for any given work-pack by using Zoom-To. Managers can make decisions regarding logistic issues and efficiently deploy the work force. Work Pack status, dates, and responsibilities can be set and reviewed with all the information to hand. Reports can be generated and progress information captured using intrinsically safe devices can be shown though a colour coded traffic light system.

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Visualise using colour codes

Colour coded analysis

Any information in the model or the database can be interpreted using colour codes. Colourisation can be applied to any property in in a tag including values extracted from the design model.

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Visualise status and progress

We provide all kinds of reporting tools to show O&M information, but there is nothing better than being able to view progress and status through the model in colour using a simple traffic-light colour coding scheme.

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Manage alarms & alerts

Any tag in the database with a date property can be set to be an alterable event that will appear in an Alerts Manager. Managers can quickly see from a colour coded report what work-flow processes are up-coming or overdue, and keep track of maintenance tasks.

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