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VCAM Professional is an advanced workflow solution that uses your 3D design model as the gateway to project information.


A 3D design model contains high quality and verified information in the form of attributed data properties. VCAM PRO connects the underlying information to a project database to provide operations and maintenance teams with a central source of information. Using the model as a gateway to information results in a better understanding of the plant or platform, enables operatives to visualise the scope and location of work packs, and allows logistics issues to be considered prior to going on site. Model based document retrieval reduces wasted time searching for documents and provides more certainty that the correct information is being used. VCAM tags & properties help drive the processes involved with planning activities, managing materials, and keeping track of the work being executed.

  • Confidence to execute projects using reliable and verified information.
  • A single point of truth improves consistency and accuracy of engineering data.
  • Populate key inspection documents with technical attributes from the model.
  • Structures information to define work-flow processes that can be monitored and tracked with more automation and less repetition.
  • Provides visual oversight that improves communication between project teams, and up-to-date information from which to track progress and make decisions.
  • Leaves the project in better shape for ongoing operations and maintenance.



  • Intergraph PDS, SmartPlant, CADWorx
  • Bentley OpenPlant, AutoPLANT, PlantWise
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D, Inventor
  • Orange Technologies CADPIPE
  • CAD Schroer MPDS4
  • Tekla

VCAM PRO uses Navisworks files that are produced by all leading plant design software. It uses the attributed intelligence embedded in the models as the starting point for operations & maintenance processes. It is equally effective with ‘geometry’ only models that contain few or no attributes which are typical of scan-to-as-built projects.

VCAM PRO runs on Windows 10 Intrinsically Safe Tablets

VCAM PRO has been tested for performance on the new Aegex Technologies Windows 10 Universally Certified Intrinsically Safe ATEX Zone 1 Tablet. Now for the first time it’s possible to take the 3D operations & maintenance model into hazardous environments.


Aegex’s industrial tablet is the first of its kind to run Windows 10 and also be certified ATEX Zone 1, IECEx Zone1 and UL C1D1 for global use in the world’s most explosive environments. Zone 1 and C1D1 are European/international and U.S. certifications, respectfully, that guarantee a device to be intrinsically safe, or incapable of producing a spark sufficient to ignite an explosion. Such certifications are required for devices used in hazardous locations, where high concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or dusts are present.


As dealers for this hardware we are able to ship the Aegex tablets with VCAM pre-loaded and configured.

System Basics

VCAM PRO runs on any Windows PC, tablet, or mobile device across a network, or in offline mode. Project databases, models and documentation are stored on a central server and accessed by users at the desktop or in the field. VCAM licences can be ‘borrowed’ from the network  allowing the system to to be used offline at other locations or in the field on intrinsically safe tablet computers.

Each project has its own database that is designed so multiple users can work on the same project and database at the same time. Any information collected from the field will be ‘synchronised’ with the main server once reconnection to the network is established.